Donate a Book to a Child in Hospital

Donate a Book to a Child in Hospital

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What a wonderful gift and no doubt a positive memory of a hospital stay.

Thank you for your generosity and support.

Customer Reviews

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Rebecca Maher
Lovely idea for a gift

These “Donate a book” vouchers are just perfect when you want to thank someone but don’t want to waste money on another candle or mug! A great way to spread joy to kids in hospital in the name of the person you are thanking ❤️

Laura Townsend
Best Gift Ever

Fantastic gift for any book lover. I bought this one for a teacher who loved it

Marlena W
Happy with the order

I love supporting local businesses, but what's even better, this business supports sick children in the hospitals and Palestine🇵🇸
Thank you for what you're doing Guys!
We were happy with the purchase. The vouchers were delivered straight away. It's an amazing idea to donate a book :)

Colleen Bergin
Love This

I always buy these as teacher gifts for Christmas or end of year. It's great initiative, to help a child in hospital to have a book to read or distraction from whatever they may be going through.

Eilish F
Fantastic gift 💯

Great idea for a gift for any teacher, preschool teacher or caregiver. I'm so pleased. Thank you so much.