A Really Short Journey Through the Body

A Really Short Journey Through the Body

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*Recommended for ages 8-12 years

You’ll spend your WHOLE LIFE in your body. So it’s only fair you know how it works, right?

This book will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about the machine that is YOU. From your astonishing brain to your hard-working heart.

Get ready for the BIG questions, like:

  • How many muscles do you move playing Fortnight? (A twitch of a thumb on the controller uses TEN muscles)
  • Are chillis actually HOT? (Short answer: no. We’ve been fooled by a plant.)
  • How far can we sneeze? (Your sneeze droplets can reach up to eight meters – which means you could sneeze over an entire class.)

You’ll also meet people like Chevalier Jackson, who collected things that people had swallowed by accident (for science, of course). And learn about why we poo (and why it smells).

Packed with facts, history and humour, this beautifully illustrated book, from global bestselling science and history author Bill Bryson (ask your mum, he’s the one with the beard), will help you understand the secrets to our bodies and brains.