Bea's Ocean Commotion - Softback Book & 'Mindful Me with Bea' Card Pack (Book 1)

Bea's Ocean Commotion - Softback Book & 'Mindful Me with Bea' Card Pack (Book 1)

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‘Bea’s Ocean Commotion’ explores how to recognise and manage feelings of worry. It offers mindfulness techniques to regulate emotions and help deal with fears and anxieties. Each book is designed to encourage and develop children’s emotional literacy. It is a beautifully illustrated rhyming book, which uses repetition to reinforce the mindfulness techniques, all while children are enjoying a fun story. This book also contains a pack of four beautifully illustrated ‘Mindful Me with Bea’ cards. These are designed to help children begin to practice gratitude and learn to use their breath as a tool to relax, calm, focus and think more clearly, before reacting in a situation. These are cards the whole family can enjoy together! The book appeals to children of all ages. Younger children will engage with the beautifully illustrated story, rhyme and characters while there are invaluable key messages and expressive language for older children too. All children will enjoy learning simple mindful breathing techniques. This is a book for everyone.

Fawn's Review: 'Bea's ocean commotion 🐝
It's children's mental health week this week and it would be rude not to share a book that deals so gently and appropriately with the subject 🥰

We all have mental health, even the smallest of us, and we also all have worries. This gorgeous book is full of tips and techniques for dealing with some of those worries that may get us down. Worry is personified as a yellow blob who sometimes comes to visit, but our main character Bea helps her friends to literally blow him away through their breathing!

We meet three of her friends who need her help and their worries were all super relatable for my daughter Ivy (5). The illustrations are super colourful and fun to look at it as we searched for worry wally! There is so much to love about this book, the rhyming text, the breathing techniques (SO helpful even for adults) the mindfulness cards that come in a little pack at the back and the genius question section at the end of the book-ideal for starting up a conversation with your little ones about their mental health!

It includes prompts like, have you ever felt worried or anxious? Where in your body did you feel it? Have you learned a tip to help with that? Ivy really loved these questions and she opened up about some things in school she had never told me about before! She also told me about her friends at school being kind to her and it really got me in the feels 🥺

We also especially loved the card to think of the 3 best things that made you today before bed. Even Isla has been joining in with this and when I come home from school asks me what made me smile at school 🥺😭

Really recommend this one and can't wait to get the other two in the series! We purchased this from @dr.christina_geniusjuniors, the best bookstore around, with all proceeds going to children's hospitals in Ireland ❤'

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