Festival of the Elves - Paperback

Festival of the Elves - Paperback

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Enjoy a new Christmas tale and old elf tradition!

“Festival of the Elves: The Magic Around You is a wondrous holiday delight that is sure to become a family read-aloud favorite. It will be a magical addition to your Christmas reading list!” - The Children’s Book Review

“This festive picture book, replete with seasonal cheer and whimsical sibling adventures, is a perfect Christmas read.” -Publishers Weekly, booklife

"The magic around you is the magic you make."… This is the type of book that I would have adored when I was a child as it really does capture the spirit and magic of Christmas.” - Lovereading4Kids

Dr. Christina says: 'This book rings of festive excitement for the magic and true meaning of Christmas. Children and adults can get so easily caught up in panic buying and flashy gifts but this book is so powerful in teaching us that kindness and thoughtfulness are what truly matter.

The story is really sweet and begins with two adorable elves, Holly and Noel, who have come from the North Pole to share their Festival of the Elves tradition with a regular family that any child will be able to imagine themselves as part of.

They explain that their Grandpa started this tradition for the month of December each year where by every night he left notes and trinkets for others to find. Other elf families soon started to do the same for their loved ones and later, Holly and Noel decided to come and share this tradition with us.

The heartwarming story continues by showing us what the elves arrange each night for the family to excitedly find the next morning. This book is an escape into the magic of Christmas and feels like you are seeing it for the first time through a child’s eyes.

This book has definitely inspired me and adds even more sparkle to an already magical time. My little girl really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to see her face light up when she finds some notes from the elves who visit our home every December.

You can register for Elf Notes on www.festivaloftheelves.com if you would like to recreate the magic of the Festival of the Elves in your own home.

My favourite quote from the book, and the one that I mentioned in a recent interview on Radio One, is ‘The magic around you is the magic you make, it happens when you give more than you take’. This resonates with me so much as I feel that it really captures the ethos for my current charity initiative. Simply gorgeous.'

Customer comment: 'I heard her speak on the radio, and she quoted this book ...'the magic around you is the magic you make, it happens when you give the more you take' .... I was sold.'


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