Smiley Eileey’s Trip Down Tooth Fairy Lane

Smiley Eileey’s Trip Down Tooth Fairy Lane

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Have you ever wondered how the Tooth Fairy collects all those teeth?       

How often you should brush your teeth? 

What happens to those teeth that the Tooth Fairy collects?

Come on an adventure with Smileyeileey and the Tooth Fairy to Tooth Fairy Lane, a magical place full of amazing characters, where wonderful things happen and teeth shine bright.

Teaching children why we much care for our teeth and how. 

Money Saving Class Sets available with one free for the teacher (30 copies or more).

Narrated and Published: Eileen Mc Glinchey (Oral Health Promoter)

Illustrations: Donegal Cartoons- Jarla Duffy for the illustrations in this book.

20 Pages

Age range: 3 – 9