What If, Pig?

What If, Pig?

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You're not going to find a more heartwarming and dynamic duo than Pig and Mouse! Join Pig as he learns how to turn his "what if" worries from anxiety to optimism, all with the help of his loving friend Mouse.

Mouse has never had a friend quite like Pig. Pig is so incredibly kind, endlessly thoughtful and fabulously fun, but he also has a big secret... he's a tremendous worrier!

When Pig gets the brilliant idea to throw a party for Mouse and their friends, he can't help but think of everything that could possibly go wrong. After all, what if a lion eats all the invitations? What if nobody comes? Or worse, what if everyone comes and has an awful time?

In this adorable story, Linzie Hunter's charming, bright illustrations pair perfectly with her sweet and funny story about friendship and the endless wonder of "what if" that readers of all ages can relate to. This picture book is a great conversation starter in the home or classroom and a great way to talk to your children about worries or anxieties. Perfect for boys, girls, families and anyone who has ever had a worry or a wobble!

Fawn's Review: 'Today its been one whole year since I shared my first picture book review 🙊

I've saved 'What if Pig?' to share today to mark my little anniversary as it was my favourite book of 2021 and I know it will remain a favourite going forward! 

What if Pig is a warm and empathetic story that explores the theme of anxiety in a simple and relatable manner. The text flows perfectly, making it a lovely one to read aloud. The illustrations are cute and bright and manage to perfectly capture feelings of panic, sadness, friendship and support.
I honestly couldn't fault this book, I related SO much to this sweet little pig and I know a lot of children and parents will too. After reading this I felt very seen 😂
It does a brilliant job of normalising anxiety and worry whilst also providing comfort and highlighting that your anxiety is not a real narrative, and chances are things are actually much brighter than they seem! Not to mention the importance of friendship, supporting each other and speaking out about our worries! Also the little surprise at the end of the story really got me in the feels!

Absolute must have in any picture book collection! Also available from our faves @dr.christina_geniusjuniors with all proceeds going to children's hospitals in Ireland 🥰'